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AlignNet: A Unifying Approach to Audio-Visual Alignment
Jianren Wang*, Zhaoyuan Fang*, Hang Zhao (* indicates equal contribution)
2020 Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision
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Physics-Aware 3D Mesh Synthesis
Jianren Wang, Yihui He
2019 International Conference on 3D Vision
Depth-wise Decomposition for Accelerating Separable Convolutions in Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks
Yihui He*, Jianing Qian*, Jianren Wang (* indicates equal contribution)
2019 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop
Jianren Wang, Yihui He, Xiaobo Wang, Xinjia Yu, Xia Chen
Bounding Box Regression with Uncertainty for Accurate Object Detection
Yihui He, Chenchen Zhu, Jianren Wang, Marios Savvides, Xiangyu Zhang
2019 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Vertical Jump Height Estimation Algorithm Based on Takeoff and Landing Identification Via Foot-Worn Inertial Sensing
Jianren Wang, Junkai Xu, Peter B Shull
2018 Journal of biomechanical engineering
Integration of a Low-Cost Three-Axis Sensor for Robot Force Control
Shuyang Chen, Jianren Wang, Peter Kazanzides
2018 Second IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing


Prioritization and static error compensation for multi-camera collaborative tracking in augmented reality
Jianren Wang, Long Qian, Ehsan Azimi, Peter Kazanzides
2017 IEEE Virtual Reality
Validation of a smart shoe for estimating foot progression angle during walking gait
Haisheng Xia, Junkai Xu, Jianren Wang, Michael A Hunt, Peter B Shull
2017 Journal of biomechanics